New strategy outlines, Biden campaign memo on Ukraine claims……

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s campaign released a memo to reporters, outlining a new strategy to deal with President Trump’s attacks on Biden and his son Hunter Biden. The memo states that the campaign’s plan is to “focus on issues that affect people’s lives as well as hold Donald Trump responsible for unprecedented abuse of power and correct the record on a mountain of lies” Trump and his allies keep spreading about Joe Biden. “

The memo highlighted a $ 6 million advertising campaign on broadcast and digital platforms in four initially contested states. The ad is called “Unhinged” and focuses on Biden’s reaction to Mr. Trump’s comments.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Biden said that “focus on this man and what he is doing” when asked if there was a conflict of interest in Hunter Biden, when he served on the board of a Ukranian energy company Was when he was the vice-president.

In an exclusive interview with CBS News on Friday, Jill Biden also said she did not think there was a conflict of interest.

I know my son Hunter. I know his values. I know his heart. I know Donald Trump is terrified of Joe Biden’s death,” said Jill Biden

Trump Impeachment Investigation………

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